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Danny Mullen

Since attending EFPS my business has grown from $6,000/mo and now have hit a high of over $20,000/mo.   I went from struggling to figure out how to do everything myself and overcome strategies I was unaware that would pop up, to creating systems that allow me the flexibility to automate everything and give me more time to spend with my family and on the important tasks in my business.

Danny Mullen Raw Fitness
Mark Greenwood

In the past year since attending EFPS, my revenues have grown from $7,000/mo to over $16,000/mo.    This event was the turning point for me!  I left my job to go full-time in my business and have never looked back.

Mark Greenwood Ultimate Wellness
Joe Rouse

Since EFPS we’ve taken our revenues from $15,000/mo to over $20,000/mo and I’ve increased my own personal income by over 100%.   I now can spend more time with family and not worry about the business all the time.

Joe Rouse Breakaway Fitness & Performance
Greg Almon and Char Chou

I just wanted to send you a message and let you know that Greg and I had a specific goal for the number of new clients by Dec 31.  Today we hit that goal five weeks ahead of time.

We’ve implemented the systems you have provided us with and because of this, has allowed us to maintain focus on our goal and achieve it with success…we have increased our clientele by almost 50% most of these clients have come to us post EFPS.

Greg Almon and Char Chou Jungle Athletics
John Dalson

EFPS 2017 was outstanding. I have a way greater understanding on what needs to be done and put together a “to-do” list to start getting after.

John Dalson Fitness Revolution Wixom
Adam Farrell

I have never felt so comfortable at a conference before.  I was served on so many different levels the past few days.  Thank you to all the presenters and fellow business owners I got to learn from.

Adam Farrell Pinnacle Fitness
Izzy Libmann

EFPS was fantastic. SUPER top-notch presenters. And, for real: The best stuff really, truly can end up coming from the conversations had after all the sessions. It’s when relationships are built. Love love love.

Izzy Libmann TruFit
Chris Shah

Fresh off EFPS and I’m so grateful for attending. It was the highest quality of professionals I have been around in a long time.

Thank you to all the amazing people who shared their stories about mastermind and entrepreneurial journeys. The conversations that happened in hallways are just as rewarding as the presentations. Amazing vibe where everyone wants to help each other succeed.

Chris Shah Terra Nova Fitness
Tiffany Larson

Obviously, EFPS was the highlight this week, probably for the whole month and quarter!  I have been an attendee at EFPS ever since it became EFPS and before that when it was other things but this live event for the last 8 or 9 years.  Something was very different about this year. Higher level thinking, conversations, and presentations. Deeper relationships. Breakthroughs for people that have not only been doing this for a long time but also people who are just getting started in this industry.  

Tiffany Larson Fitness Revolution Napa
Dean Carlson

What an amazing week at EFPS. Almost too much to process at this time. Really FR just keeps raising the bar on these events and the value not only for my business but for my spiritual and emotional health.  I wrote on the board for my breakthrough “client-centered coaching”. It really started at our MM meeting with the reminder from Pearla that it’s not just what you say, but how you say it that matters. That I need to give people more room to be them and not just vomit my opinion and standards onto someone else. And because that was my focus, it’s what I heard all weekend. Cognitive filtering, right? 🙂

Dean Carlson Get Fit New Hampshire
Heath Croll

I have been to many events, educational, business, etc. This was without a question THE BEST! Nick, Ryan, Kelly and the crew, you take the business emphasis to a new level.  I love being part of this group! 

Heath Croll Ramp Athletes

The EFPS was awesome!  I agree with everyone I thought our meeting was the best that I’ve participated in and can’t wait to start figuring out how to implement all the ideas I wrote down.  I will probably set a few on the priority tracker and work on those this week. I apologize for not saying bye to all of you, I had a ride to the airport and wanted to take advantage of it and he was ready to leave.

The EFPS itself was great if not for the networking alone.  I met people outside of my Purple Aces mastermind and met new people who helped me out and I think I helped them out.  Nothing like being in a live setting. This week will be great! Hope everyone had a great time as well.

Adam Kessler Fitness Planning Consultants
Becky Williamson

Most definitely EFPS was the highlight of last week :-).  It’s sort of like a little homecoming each time I attend because I get to catch up with everyone.  I enjoy the presentations but also enjoy the personal conversations and idea exchanges that happen over lunch, dinner, drinks, etc.

Becky Williamson lifeSport Fitness
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